C2E2 2017 and Graduation

This last weekend was really great. I had a lot of fun talking with other creators at C2E2. I made a few new friends and spent too much money on art and other fun nerdy things.

The amusing thing that has come from this last weekend is that I’ve realized how little I have on my personal website and also how much my web-comic site SeraphComics needs an update and overhaul. Hopefully I’ll be able to spruce things up after I graduate.

Speaking of graduating, I have just a few weeks left of school, so it’s crunch time.  I’m excited to finally be done, as I would really like to seriously buckle-down and dig into my own illustration work. I will however miss my time in college as well. I have met many wonderful people on campus and I will be sad to part from them as we all move on. But that is just how life works, no? I just hope that life will be good to those who are leaving along side me and to those who are remaining behind.


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