Life Update

As of late, life has kept me quite buy with a few curve balls. I had my car break down, and am preparing to undergo surgery to help my health, which has been poor as of late due to chronic migraines.

It hasn’t been all bad news. I have recently teamed up with a wonderful writer, with whom I am now working on several comics with in my free time from my part-time work (Sadly art isn’t paying my bills just yet). I am looking forward to the projects we have planned! I will be posting two of the comics we have planned on LINE Webtoon, as well here on my website.

Besides, this I am also searching online for some freelance art jobs. And I will be updating my commissions page in the next few weeks with the intent to have it up and running by August.

Updates to my site may be fairly infrequent until I am able to begin posting the comics that I am working on. However, I don’t post many announcement’s as it is.

I have been on Twitter quite a bit posting some fun, silliness and images of my works in progress. So, if you want to see what I am up to without checking my site, feel free to follow me on twitter. (I also just downloaded Instagram!)

Kind Regards,




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