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I am a North Dakota born creator who draws inspiration from folklore and mythology.

I was student at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) and graduated with a BA in Drawing, a BFA in Illustration, a minor in English Creative Writing, and Certificates in Publishing, Pictorial Book Illustration, and Sequential Art. In fall 2016, I spent time studying abroad at Keele University in England, spending a large amount of time researching local folklore and book arts.

During my time at MSUM I spent five years working at the Livingston Lord Library as a student assistant, during this time I did various jobs ranging from checking in and out materials, re-shelving and book check in, book processing and book repair.

For one year I was an intern at New Rivers Press, a non-profit teaching press. I produced the promotional pamphlets and posters for the year as well as being apart of a copy-editing team. During my internship I was a part of the copy-editing team for American Fiction Vol. 14, a short story anthology, and The Field by Tim Nolen.

Currently, I split my time between a part-time, creating comics, and attending local conventions.

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Campus Organizations

For 5 years I was the president of Dragon’s Den Comics, [MSUM’s organization for amateur comic illustrators] and for 4 years I was the president, choreographer, and co-founder of KTYD [An MSUM organization that performs a style of Japanese dance called Yosakoi].

Artist Statement:

First and foremost, I view myself as a storyteller who uses visual art as a compliment to the work I craft in text. From a young age I have had an affection for folklore and mythology. I seek to create new stories referencing myths and legends while instilling in my work historical accuracy.

I view art as one of the few things that science, philosophy, and psychology cannot analyze. It is something that we simply create. It is something we put our blood, sweat, and tears into without expecting anything in return. No matter the medium: illustration, writing, music, dance, etc., art is a part of who we are. It is our soul.